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Course Selection Process

Parents and students, come mid-January students will participate in the Course Selection Process; the process includes students reporting to the computer lab (during a designated time) and selecting their courses for next year. Please note, this process only includes students selecting their courses for next year; it does NOT include selecting periods, teachers, nor does it guarantee placement in the classes. While students are in the lab, the counselors are present and available for questions and assistance with the process. What is most important about this process is that you and your child begin to discuss the courses he/she is interested in while considering the following:
  • Post-Secondary Plans
    College and University Requirements/ Recommended Courses/Scholarships; see a college & career counselor if you have questions (Karla Garcia & Tabitha Chetri)
  • Teacher Recommendations
    talk with your current teachers and consider their recommendations.
  • Culturally Relevant Courses
    If you are looking for a more diverse perspective in English or Social Studies, consider taking one of our Culturally Relevant Courses. Course descriptions will be provided at a later date.
  • Consider feasibility and workload
    Do you have a job or other commitments?/ Are you a JTED student?/ Consider your time management/Are you in extra-curricular activities?/etc.
  • Opportunity Knocks
    If there is a class or elective you have been wanting to enroll in, consider taking the class next year before it’s too late (remember some electives may be subject to auditions or pre-requisites).

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