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Pima County

All youth coming from low-income households should call Pima County ONE STOP's main number at 520.798.0500 and ask to schedule a WIA eligibility interview. If they are eligible for the program (income-based eligibility), they receive the highest level of assistance, which includes one-on-one sessions with a Workforce Development Specialist; individualized employment plan; job search assistance; job search, resume and other free workshops; opportunity to apply for post-secondary tuition assistance; and other services.

Youth ages 16-21 who are "job ready" and score at least at the 7th grade level on a basic education assessment that is administered can apply for the Pledge-A-Job program which matches youth with local entry-level positions; however, at this time we only have a part-time employee working on the program and have been inundated with applications so there is a rather long wait for assistance. Also, the program does not offer any additional services.

Youth can apply at www.pima.gov/CED/CS/OneStop/documents/YouthEmploymentApplication_000.doc
then call 520.798.0519 to schedule the assessment test.

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